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IT Architect @ imec international

In today’s technological century, where communication is a vital part of our everyday lives, getting people and technology to work together is challenging. In the broadest sense, I work as an IT architect in the IT domain workplace. The user experience is the secret to its success. I firmly believe that motivation, creativity, and productivity flourish in a coherent work environment. To tie everything together, I’m also engaged outside the workplace domain. I enjoy taking on new challenges, thinking creatively, and picking up new skills on the job. Connect with me on LinkedIn to exchange experiences.

SSI scuba diving & freediving instructor @ Flippers Leuven

At Flippers Leuven, I spend my spare time and wear two hats. I have been a diving professional associated with SSI International since 2016. I get to inspire people about the underwater environment as a scuba or free diving instructor, teaching them the fundamentals, the value of environmentalism and safety. Ready for a brand-new adventure? For additional information, go to Flippers Leuven.

For my second role as board member, I ran the transformation and day-to-day operation of the non-profit organization. Where my priority was to start the digitalization in accounting, updating the general statutes and rules to reflect the new law. Together with other board members, we’ve developed a new business plan during the past ten years, as well as a new education plan for instructors and volunteers. The organization is healthy and prepared after several years of intense effort.