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IT Architect @ imec international

In the current era of technology, characterized by the integral role of communication in our daily lives, the synergy between humans and technology presents a formidable challenge. My role primarily involves serving as an IT architect within the IT domain. The linchpin of achieving triumph lies in the user experience. I hold a strong conviction that a harmonious work environment fosters motivation, creativity, and productivity. Beyond the confines of the workplace, I actively seek engagement in various pursuits. Embracing novel challenges, nurturing innovative thinking, and acquiring fresh competencies are my sources of gratification in my professional journey. Let’s connect on LinkedIn to share our insights and experiences.

SSI scuba diving & freediving instructor @ Flippers Leuven

At Flippers Leuven, I dedicate my spare time while fulfilling two distinct roles. Firstly, since 2016, I’ve taken on the role of a diving professional affiliated with SSI International. In this capacity, I serve as a scuba and free diving instructor, imparting essential skills, instilling an appreciation for environmental consciousness, and emphasizing safety to enthusiasts of the underwater realm. If you’re seeking an exciting new venture, I invite you to explore further details at Flippers Leuven.

In my secondary capacity, I take on the responsibility of a board member, actively overseeing the transformation and day-to-day functioning of a non-profit organization. My primary focus centers on initiating digitalization within the realm of accounting, revising the general statutes and regulations to align with updated legal frameworks. Collaborating closely with fellow board members, we have formulated both a comprehensive business strategy spanning the past decade and an innovative educational plan tailored for instructors and volunteers. After years of unwavering dedication, the organization stands robust, equipped to face the future.